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Cannabis Growing

Hemp cultivation is a fascinating process that requires a certain knowledge and experience from a gardener. In this section, forum participants can discuss the problems of growing cannabis in open ground, a home greenhouse and greenhouse. Also in the section you can find a lot of useful information about the cultivation of cannabis on various substrates, with and without fertilizers. In the hydroponics subsection, growers can familiarize themselves with equipment and accessories for growing marijuana without soil. Recipes and tables of solutions, rules for replacing the nutrient substrate, questions of diseases and pests - all of this is devoted to our section.



    This section is intended for quick resolution of problems encountered when growing cannabis. Here you can ask a question on any topic: plant diseases, sex determination, fertilizers, soil acidity reduction, as well as equipment and components of the grow box. Feel free to post topics and ask questions. Our resource is visited by experienced gardeners and ethnobotanists, as well as growers who may have already encountered similar problems. Create a topic and the answer will not be long in coming. Only mutual support will help to quickly resolve an incomprehensible situation.

  2. Newbie Questions

    This section is dedicated to beginner growers. Here you can ask questions on any topic, from searching for hemp seeds of suitable hybrids to building a grow room with your own hands. We have collected and placed cheat sheets, manuals and manuals for "young nerds", because growing hemp is not always an easy task, especially for enthusiasts who do not have a theoretical base. The section addresses the issues of plant hermaphrodism, sex determination, proper soaking and germination of seeds, fertilizers, the basics of organizing ventilation and the rules for making complex nutrient substrates. Here you will find comprehensive answers on lighting and watering, learn how not to "fall in love" with the plant in the first grow, you can chat with more experienced growers who will not refuse advice and support.

  3. Growing

    Growing hemp is an entertaining process that can go smoothly and easily with the proper awareness of the grower. In the process of cultivation, some difficulties threatening the future harvest are not excluded. This section is devoted to various issues that arise before the grower in the growing process. Among the topics you can find informative articles by experienced gardeners, as well as study the mistakes of beginning growers and prevent them. Many utilities in one section. If you have a seemingly insoluble situation, then feel free to create a theme. The answer is not long in coming.

  4. Seed germination

    This section of our forum is devoted to the preparation of seed before planting in a nutrient substrate. Germination of cannabis seeds is a crucial stage of cultivation, often causing difficulties for a beginner grower. This section contains the most effective techniques and methods of seed germination, gives detailed instructions, following which the gardener will be able to germinate the purchased "nuts" without problems and is guaranteed to receive viable seedlings.

  5. Outdoor

    Growing cannabis in open ground may seem like a simple and intricate activity. The plant receives a sufficient amount of light from the sun, a drizzling rain once a week irrigates the dried up soil, and the wind gusts the leaves in gusts. And it seems that what could be wrong? These questions are always asked by novice gardeners. However, outdoor cultivation is fraught with quite a few pitfalls, ranging from all kinds of pests that can destroy the entire crop, to drought and mold. Having thoroughly prepared, the grower will really have the chance to take a large crop of cones, because on the street the plants demonstrate their full potential, often exceeding the sizes declared by the seedbank on the package. This section we devoted to the cultivation of cannabis in the open field. All questions of fans of hidden street groves are posted here.

  6. Indoor

    This section has a lot of useful information for connoisseurs of home groves. Growing cannabis using the indoor method requires a large amount of theoretical knowledge from the grower, as well as some financial costs associated with acquiring the proper equipment: grow box, lighting, ventilation, a charcoal filter, measuring instruments, as well as a nutrient substrate necessary for the proper growth of cannabis. Here visitors are presented with fertilizer tables, various techniques aimed at a significant increase in productivity and the rational use of the area for cultivation. Also in the section there is a lot of useful information on the cultivation of autoflowering strain, comprehensive answers are given on the topic of lighting and the rules for preparing a nutritional basis.

  7. Hydroponics

    Growing cannabis in a hydroponic plant is of great interest to both beginner gardeners and experienced growers. Hydroponics is a method of cultivating plants without soil. The system is designed in such a way that all the elements necessary for life are supplied to plants directly to the roots through a nutrient solution. In this section, we consider all the difficulties of hydroponic cultivation of hemp. Forum visitors will be able to get acquainted with the best hydroponic plants, study or download the table of solutions, find out why plants grown by this method build up a large cone mass compared to cultivation in the soil, how to change the solution and much more.

  8. Fertilizers, growth stimulants and all about them

    Fertilizers for hemp are a great opportunity to increase cannabis productivity, as well as help plants reach their full potential. Unfortunately, most novice growers do not follow the instructions and advice of experienced gardeners and often “fall in love” with the plant until they die. In this topic, we will consider the best stimulants, organic fertilizing and fertilizers that plants need during the life cycle. The visitors of the forum are presented with tables and fertilizer application rules, as well as precautionary measures and instructions for immediate action in case of plant overfeeding.

  9. Poisons against plant pests, fungicides - agents against fungal infections

    This topic is devoted to all kinds of pests that can nullify all the efforts of the grower and ruin the entire crop. Here are articles on the immediate response to the attack of harmful insects, as well as effective poisons and traditional explosive mixtures that will help you quickly and without harm to plants expel unwanted guests from a home boxing or street plantation. More terrible than insects can only be an epidemic of mold. It spreads very quickly and is able to destroy all inflorescences. The only way to combat mold are fungicides - anti-fungal agents.

  10. Plant problems

    The cultivation of cannabis in open ground and in a home greenhouse can be associated with many unpredictable factors that adversely affect plant health. Excessive watering, high acidity of the soil, raids by harmful insects, lack of light or high humidity are just a small list of factors that can ruin a crop. In this section, we consider the most common plant problems and find suitable solutions to solve them.

  11. Cannabis FAQ

    Here are collected the most common questions of gardeners regarding the cultivation of hemp, equipping grow boxes, proper lighting, land, hydroponics, seed germination and much more. Before creating a new topic in this section of the forum, we urge you to make sure that there is none. The cultivation of cannabis is a multifaceted process and even experienced gardeners with a rich theoretical base and experience can not always solve the problem with the plant, so do not be shy. Create topics, ask and chat with like-minded people.

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