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GanjaSeeds Store

GanjaSeeds is a store of elite hemp seeds that has been delighting growers all over the world with high-quality seed material for ten years. The store presents hemp seeds of autoflowering and photoperiodic strains of the famous seed banks of Spain, the Netherlands, the USA, Canada and Kazakhstan. Also on the windows of the resource you can find spore prints of rare psilocybin mushrooms, smoking devices made of natural glass according to design drawings. The quality of the seed material was appreciated by thousands of gardeners from various countries. This section of our forum is dedicated to the GanjaSeeds store.


  1. GanjaSeeds (Ukraine)   (14,310 visits to this link)

    Branch of GanjaSeeds online store in Ukraine. By going to this section, you will automatically be redirected to the main page of the resource with a ten-year history. The assortment of the store will be able to satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated gardeners. In the windows you can find hemp seeds of Spanish seedbanks, as well as elite nuts from the Netherlands, USA, Australia and Argentina.

  2. GanjaSeeds (Russia)   (5,726 visits to this link)

    By going to this section, you will find yourself on the main page of the GanjaSeeds online store (Russian branch). Warehouses located on the territory of the Russian Federation make it possible to ensure the fast delivery of elite hemp seeds throughout the country in various ways. Today GanjaSeeds is the largest store of high-quality seed material in the entire post-Soviet space.

  3. GanjaSeeds (Georgia).   (4,898 visits to this link)

    Recently, the GanjaSeeds branch began to operate in Georgia. Elite cannabis seeds of the highest quality have become available for residents of this warm country. The assortment of the store will pleasantly surprise not only beginner gardeners, but also sophisticated growers. The store contains hemp seeds from world famous seedbanks, as well as breeders from Spain, the Netherlands, USA, Australia and Kazakhstan. The seed material presented at the branch has a high germination rate (99%) and meets all international quality standards.

  4. GanjaSeeds | ads

    This section of the forum contains ads from the administration of the online store GanjaSeeds. Here you can find out about the latest store news, promotions and discounts on goods. Enthusiasts who want to establish partnerships with a well-known store will be able to familiarize themselves with the terms of cooperation and join the team of a professional team aimed at the result.

  5. Range

    In this section you will find news about updating the assortment of the famous GanjaSeeds store. In the topics you can find out what new items appeared on the windows of the resource, as well as ask your questions. Connoisseurs of ethnobotany can follow the update of the spore print section of psilocybin mushrooms, as well as find out what spore material is available today.

  6. Assortment Questions

    In this section, forum participants can ask the GanjaSeeds store administration questions about the assortment, find out when the desired cannabis variety appears on the resource window, or find out the features of delivery to a particular region. Here you can leave applications for the desired hemp seeds and spore prints of psilocybin mushrooms.

  7. Questions about the work of the store, orders

    Here you are asked questions regarding the features of the GanjaSeeds online store. Forum participants can express gratitude to the resource or leave their wish to improve its work. It also raises issues of payment, delivery and feedback. Sometimes the store administration places open vacancies here. Interest in growing cannabis can reward you not only with an exciting hobby, but also with a team of professionals.

  8. GanjaSeeds Prize Competitions and Promotions

    Gentlemen, an online store selling elite hemp seeds monthly arranges discounts and new promotions for its range of products. In this section, we highlight the latest news about contests and bonus programs held by the store. It also raises issues of cooperation on the referral system. Following this section, you may be among the lucky ones to whom GanjaSeeds distributes hemp seeds for free.

  9. Quality control

    Gentlemen, the team of the GanjaSeeds online store guarantees customers the quality of the products offered. All hemp seeds have a high percentage of germination (99%), are stored in a specially designated room at the optimum temperature and humidity. Seeds meet all international quality standards. The administration of the store pays special attention to the wishes of customers and tries to prudently resolve any conflict that arises. If you have any suggestions for improving the work of the store or if there is any negative situation with the manager or online consultant, then please create a topic in this section and talk about the difficulties that have arisen.

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