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Cannabis Seed Online Store GanjaLiveSeeds is an international community of Breeders. Over the years the forum has existed, our team managed to gain the trust of thousands of growers from different countries. In addition to the most affordable prices, we guarantee quality, as well as impeccable customer service. Choosing a planetary community of GanjaLiveSeeds - you choose proven and quality hemp seeds.


  1. Range

    This section will cover all the news of the GanjaLiveSeeds store regarding replenishment of the assortment, announcements of replenishment of the warehouse. Here you can also ask questions about the appearance in the assortment of hemp varieties of interest or strain mushrooms. If you did not find this or that product on the shelves of the store, ask about its availability, it may already be in stock, has not yet been put on display, or you have not noticed it from the list of goods.


    In this section of the forum, we will keep you informed of all the promotions and events of the GanjaLiveSeeds online store. All possible discounts and the possibility of receiving promotional codes with discounts. All events that in one way or another relate to lower prices will be in this section.

  3. Reviews

    In this section of the forum, the GanjaLiveSeeds team would like to see your opinion on everything related to the store. Website work - how convenient it is for you to use the online store. The work of managers - did they help you sort out your questions. The quality of the goods - since the storefront is not only our products, I would like to know reviews about the quality, packaging, delivery. Your opinion is important to us!

  4. Questions about the work of the store, orders

    You can ask questions about the work of the GanjaLiveSeeds store, problems with placing an order, delivery and other questions here. If you have problems, or questions regarding all of the above, write, we will try to solve it as soon as possible.

  5. Archive

    In this section of the forum all irrelevant topics, closed questions and other information that is not worth attention will be stored.

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